10 October 2011

Hi Frank,

Here's a query for you Frank, why is it that when you find someone, that other man wants you back?
Im so tired of it and it has happened me more than once now. I've been mad about this guy (no names) for ages now and when I started chatting to him it became obvious he was into me too. Then when it came down to it, he decided he wasn't interested and I later found out he has a girlfriend. I was so angry with him at the time but over it now and seeing someone new. He's really lovely and very hot so I'm delighted, or so I thought.
This other lad I was telling you about has just contacted me again and asked me to go for a drink with him. I always say yes to stupid idea's like this and get myself in trouble so I have refrained so far. Plus, the guy I'm with now would be far from happy.
I keep replying to his texts as he doesn't have a girlfriend anymore but I know I'm being cheeky. There's a party on next wednesday and I know for a fact he will try it on with me. What will I do Frank?


Hi missus, you sound like a cheeky little thing. I nearly couldn't quite keep up with you but I managed ha ha!
I think you want more than you can even chew lady. You didn't mention this fella you are with now too much so maybe ask yourself how much you like him? I think you should stay clear of this other stud though. He seems to want all his cake and eat it too. Remember, he didn't treat you very well either did he? Then again, if its just a little fun you are after, do as you please. I do think you are best off leaving this little casanova to it though! Let me know what happens when you decide angel!

6 October 2011


Hiya Frank, I'm a bit lost at the minute. My boyfriend has been acting strange recently. He is usually really affectionate and cuddly but of late, he is being really quite cold! I can't think of anything that I have done wrong and so I'm worried he just doesn't want to be with me for some reason or another. As far as I know, its not because of another girl but then again, what if i'm wrong? We usually meet up about 3 times a week but it has dwindled to only 1 or 2. I miss the old him and when we are together, he seems distant and not arsed! What could it be? His sister Liz moved to America recently for a job and I know they were very close but I still think its more than that? Advice would be greatly appreciated! I don't know what to do next..


Hi gorgeous lady, I as a man can maybe help you with this. I think you just need to talk. Men express (or don't express) things differently to girls. If there is a problem, then you need to find out what it is and work on it. I seem to tell all my problem gals the same thing, but communication really does solve a whole lot of problems. Baby, you can't let this bother you anymore. After all, you said you have done nothing wrong that you know of, so it is most definitely something going on in his head that he is not sharing. It may even be just a phase but he won't get over it until you bring the issue to a surface. Just have a chat next time you two meet. It will do you the world of good, whether resolved for good or bad! Promise hon!

29 September 2011

Dear Frank,

I am 26 years old and have been seeing a guy for about 5 months now.
I am not overly lovey dovey but I can't help but feel a little upset that this guy hasn't even considered calling me his girlfriend any time soon.
I know that might sound irrational to some, but I'm sure many of you must see where I'm coming from. We spend a silly amount of time together and we really enjoy each others company. I am starting to become a little obsessed with this. I understand that a label is quite unimportant but there are times when I think he should value me more. The relationship has become a little more serious in certain ways but whenever people ask If I am his girlfriend, I am slightly embarrassed to say 'not quite'.
I know he likes me a lot but I have begun to actually question it because he doesn't want to seem to want to get too involved. I am ready for a steady relationship and I really don't think there is anything wrong with that? Please explain his messed up thoughts Frank! Tired of his laid back brain!


Hi honey, I hope you are not letting this eat away at you too much. I can completely understand why you feel a little unloved. You have said you guys spend plenty of time together and seem to be happy which is great!
Perhaps you need to bring the matter up somehow. How about next time, when you are in a sticky situation where somebody asks, sit back and let him answer. Then when you are alone, ask him if he doesn't consider you more than someone he is 'seeing'.
The other alternative answer is that he has had some bad relationships in the past and is afraid that now he has found a seemingly faultless one, It might mess up with a 'label'. If this is the case, then you need to assure him that you really are into him a lot and perhaps point out how good its been so far!
I think he deserves a little more time so just make a few hints here and there and If he doesn't catch on, then maybe he needs to sort himself out!
At the end of the day, communication is the answer baby! Good luck!

20 September 2011

Dear frank,

The majority of my friends are gay and I am the only straight girl in the group after a fall-out with the others a few months back. We go out all the time and have some really great nights but I feel as though my girls don't have a whole lot of consideration for me at times.
I broke up with my boyfriend about 5 months ago and am finally getting over him and ready to mingle with new guys. The problem is that we constantly just go to gay bars and clubs. Don't get me wrong, I love it and I understand that I am slightly out numbered but recently I have been dropping hints about venturing to a straight or even mixed bar or club every once in a while but they are paying no heed. How am I supposed to meet new guys? 

Anonymous, 24, Manchester


Hi darling,
I'm sure this is hard for you and you definitely must feel a little fed up. It must be great having such diverse and fun friends but they need to think about you now. Although there is only one of you, that doesn't mean they should ignore the fact that you might like a change of scenery doll!
Think about it like this. If you were also gay and one of your gay friends was the straight gal, then would you be considerate enough to offer changing things up? If not, then I think this shows what you need to do. You need to stress the fact more. If you answered yes, then you maybe need to have a chat about it with your ladies and kindly explain that you would like to meet new guys.
Just go for it either way! You can't be wasting all that girlish charm when you are in your prime sweetie ;)

13 September 2011

Help me Frank!

I literally could not think of anyone to talk to except you. Truth is, I'm far too ashamed about all this to ask my girls. I am 20 and have been with my boyfriend for 1 year in november.
I love him to bits and he is perfect for me. We have loads in common and we get on really well (most of the time).
I know he feels the same because he constantly tells me how much he loves me and spends quite a bit of time with me. Everything was going great, we even booked a late break to Paris for 5 days in October which we are both really looking forward to.
The other night we were in my room at home watching 'Avatar' when my boyfriends phone started to vibrate between us. I reached towards it to hand it to him and happened to glance at the screen where I saw the call was from 'Ruth'.
I had no idea who this was and was confused and a bit curious as we have mutual friends. I pretended I didn't see anything and noticed how he hastily hung up ad threw the phone to the far side of him.

This bothered me a little but I wasn't about to pry just yet.
Then 2 nights ago, He left his phone in my car when I droppped him to footie.
I went through it guiltily and found that this Ruth girl seemed to be more than a friend. She mentioned meeting up again and one text even said something like 'had a fab time with you at yours lastnight ;)'. I was so upset and shocked!
I know most girls would fly off the handle at something like this but I can't seem to bring myself to confront and dump!
Is there a chance I could pretend this never happened and hope for the best? After all, his texts back wern't so flirty and he didn't seem overly interested but I know something happened between them.
I can't figure out what to do. Im in shock!

So hurt- 20, Liverpool

Hey doll, I'm really sorry to hear all that but I am slightly confused by the whole thing!
You cannot pretend nothing has happened sweetheart, that would be insane.
It will play on your conscience 'til you pop with anxiety.
The fact of the matter is that your boyfriend has done something he shouldn't have, and you need to have the respect for yourself to confront him about it.
I'm not sure if you are having an issue confronting him as you feel you invaded his privacy, but if so, this is not a valid excuse!
You shouldn't feel the need to look at his mobile in the first place, therefore he gave you reason seeing as he refused to answer the call the other night from this unknown lady.
You seem to feel intensely about this guy but maybe you need to step outside the flame and have a look as an outsider.
Is he really worth it? Lots of gals get into comfortable routines with guys and can't see the light due to being so wrapped up in them.
Remove yourself and picture inserting yourself in a different place. How bad could it be? Change can be very exciting!
I think you need some time to yourself honey, you can only love someone fully if you love yourself and I really don't think you love yourself seeing as you want to pretend this didn't happen.
You need to either confront him or veer away slowly. I would recommend confronting him about it to see what he says. After all, you may as well have a laugh on his behalf when you see his worried face hon!

6 September 2011

Dear Frank,

I am writing this to you today as i am, quite frankly, SICK of the way my boyfriend acts around his friends.
I have been with him for only four months yet I am seeing these annoying traites already.
I met him in a bar in Manchester on a night out and I remember him showing off to get my attention.
Surprisingly it worked and he turned out to be very sweet and a great boyfriend but I can't help but get annoyed when I hang out with him when his friends are about.

It was fine at first as it was mainly just he and I who would hang, but now that we are getting serious, its nice to hang out as a couple with others.
The problem is, when we do, he acts so horribly infront of his friends.
He practically acts as though I'm not there and doesn't involve me in their jokes and conversation.
It really bothers me and I have said it to him on several occasions but he just tells me that im being silly and that he trys to always include me.

The fact of the matter is, he makes me feel like a useless object when around others and not an actual interesting person who is capable of stimulating conversation!
I know you will probably tell me to chuck him ASAP but he is just so sweet and kind when we are alone. You wouldn't believe the change between my actual bofriend and his alter ego.

I want to know is there anything I can do to get him to change his ways or am I doomed?


Honey, seriously, I know you may like this buck a lot but you need to really analyse the situation. Do you really want to hang around and wait for your boyfriend to change his attitude when he should be treating you like royalty 24/7.

This is about under-estimating your own worth when in a relationship. Nobody should just 'settle' for something or someone if they are not fully happy.
This boyfriend of yours doesn't sound all that he's cracked up to be, especially if he pays no attention when you have explained how you feel.

If i were you doll, I would really think about the pro's and con's of this relationship.
Would you not be better off with someone who wants to involve you in every aspect of their life?

Come on little lady, you deserve more...

2 September 2011

Hi Frank,

I am definitely in need of some masculine advice.

I was just on my lunch break and reading Heat magazine which had a feature on Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright which really got me thinking. The article stated that Mark is unhappy with his girlfriends figure and constantly makes snide and hurtful comments about it.

She seems to somewhat 'pity' him as she says 'It cant be nice for him getting tweets from people telling him to dump me'. Personally Frank, I think this is so ridiculous, surely he should love her for the way she is?
My question is, what is it that guys look for body-wise anyway? One minute it seems they are after curvy beyonce bod's then the next minute its all about Cameron Diaz' athletic toned frame.

Its driving me mental and i know it shouldn't, but its human nature to be confused,I know my girls feel the same. So tell me, what is it that men want?


Oh Hayley sweetie, you really do seem to be in need of some Frank insight.
I read an article on the 'TOWIE' couple after reading your email as i couldn't quite believe that this Mark fella was being serious.

Well i'll tell you this much firstly, listening to the words of shallow gerks like him could ruin anyone doll!
The answer to your question is simply, there is no answer.

There is no one certain body type that guys favour over others. Most guys like a healthy looking girl, not too slim, not too heavy, but even that differ's.

Like every gals body, every mind and opinion is different also. Im not sure whether you are in a relationship or not as you didn't state, but if you are, and having these worries, then its time to get out of that realtionship honey. If someone genuinely likes you, they should make you feel sexy and fabulous 24/7.

You ladies need to just go with the flow and stop worrying about body image,
If you do, this shows, and believe Frank when i say that the sexiest woman in the world is the woman who can love herself as she is. (although make sure its not too much, nobody wants that).