6 September 2011

Dear Frank,

I am writing this to you today as i am, quite frankly, SICK of the way my boyfriend acts around his friends.
I have been with him for only four months yet I am seeing these annoying traites already.
I met him in a bar in Manchester on a night out and I remember him showing off to get my attention.
Surprisingly it worked and he turned out to be very sweet and a great boyfriend but I can't help but get annoyed when I hang out with him when his friends are about.

It was fine at first as it was mainly just he and I who would hang, but now that we are getting serious, its nice to hang out as a couple with others.
The problem is, when we do, he acts so horribly infront of his friends.
He practically acts as though I'm not there and doesn't involve me in their jokes and conversation.
It really bothers me and I have said it to him on several occasions but he just tells me that im being silly and that he trys to always include me.

The fact of the matter is, he makes me feel like a useless object when around others and not an actual interesting person who is capable of stimulating conversation!
I know you will probably tell me to chuck him ASAP but he is just so sweet and kind when we are alone. You wouldn't believe the change between my actual bofriend and his alter ego.

I want to know is there anything I can do to get him to change his ways or am I doomed?


Honey, seriously, I know you may like this buck a lot but you need to really analyse the situation. Do you really want to hang around and wait for your boyfriend to change his attitude when he should be treating you like royalty 24/7.

This is about under-estimating your own worth when in a relationship. Nobody should just 'settle' for something or someone if they are not fully happy.
This boyfriend of yours doesn't sound all that he's cracked up to be, especially if he pays no attention when you have explained how you feel.

If i were you doll, I would really think about the pro's and con's of this relationship.
Would you not be better off with someone who wants to involve you in every aspect of their life?

Come on little lady, you deserve more...

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