2 September 2011

Hi Frank,

I am definitely in need of some masculine advice.

I was just on my lunch break and reading Heat magazine which had a feature on Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright which really got me thinking. The article stated that Mark is unhappy with his girlfriends figure and constantly makes snide and hurtful comments about it.

She seems to somewhat 'pity' him as she says 'It cant be nice for him getting tweets from people telling him to dump me'. Personally Frank, I think this is so ridiculous, surely he should love her for the way she is?
My question is, what is it that guys look for body-wise anyway? One minute it seems they are after curvy beyonce bod's then the next minute its all about Cameron Diaz' athletic toned frame.

Its driving me mental and i know it shouldn't, but its human nature to be confused,I know my girls feel the same. So tell me, what is it that men want?


Oh Hayley sweetie, you really do seem to be in need of some Frank insight.
I read an article on the 'TOWIE' couple after reading your email as i couldn't quite believe that this Mark fella was being serious.

Well i'll tell you this much firstly, listening to the words of shallow gerks like him could ruin anyone doll!
The answer to your question is simply, there is no answer.

There is no one certain body type that guys favour over others. Most guys like a healthy looking girl, not too slim, not too heavy, but even that differ's.

Like every gals body, every mind and opinion is different also. Im not sure whether you are in a relationship or not as you didn't state, but if you are, and having these worries, then its time to get out of that realtionship honey. If someone genuinely likes you, they should make you feel sexy and fabulous 24/7.

You ladies need to just go with the flow and stop worrying about body image,
If you do, this shows, and believe Frank when i say that the sexiest woman in the world is the woman who can love herself as she is. (although make sure its not too much, nobody wants that).

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