6 October 2011


Hiya Frank, I'm a bit lost at the minute. My boyfriend has been acting strange recently. He is usually really affectionate and cuddly but of late, he is being really quite cold! I can't think of anything that I have done wrong and so I'm worried he just doesn't want to be with me for some reason or another. As far as I know, its not because of another girl but then again, what if i'm wrong? We usually meet up about 3 times a week but it has dwindled to only 1 or 2. I miss the old him and when we are together, he seems distant and not arsed! What could it be? His sister Liz moved to America recently for a job and I know they were very close but I still think its more than that? Advice would be greatly appreciated! I don't know what to do next..


Hi gorgeous lady, I as a man can maybe help you with this. I think you just need to talk. Men express (or don't express) things differently to girls. If there is a problem, then you need to find out what it is and work on it. I seem to tell all my problem gals the same thing, but communication really does solve a whole lot of problems. Baby, you can't let this bother you anymore. After all, you said you have done nothing wrong that you know of, so it is most definitely something going on in his head that he is not sharing. It may even be just a phase but he won't get over it until you bring the issue to a surface. Just have a chat next time you two meet. It will do you the world of good, whether resolved for good or bad! Promise hon!

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