10 October 2011

Hi Frank,

Here's a query for you Frank, why is it that when you find someone, that other man wants you back?
Im so tired of it and it has happened me more than once now. I've been mad about this guy (no names) for ages now and when I started chatting to him it became obvious he was into me too. Then when it came down to it, he decided he wasn't interested and I later found out he has a girlfriend. I was so angry with him at the time but over it now and seeing someone new. He's really lovely and very hot so I'm delighted, or so I thought.
This other lad I was telling you about has just contacted me again and asked me to go for a drink with him. I always say yes to stupid idea's like this and get myself in trouble so I have refrained so far. Plus, the guy I'm with now would be far from happy.
I keep replying to his texts as he doesn't have a girlfriend anymore but I know I'm being cheeky. There's a party on next wednesday and I know for a fact he will try it on with me. What will I do Frank?


Hi missus, you sound like a cheeky little thing. I nearly couldn't quite keep up with you but I managed ha ha!
I think you want more than you can even chew lady. You didn't mention this fella you are with now too much so maybe ask yourself how much you like him? I think you should stay clear of this other stud though. He seems to want all his cake and eat it too. Remember, he didn't treat you very well either did he? Then again, if its just a little fun you are after, do as you please. I do think you are best off leaving this little casanova to it though! Let me know what happens when you decide angel!

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