20 September 2011

Dear frank,

The majority of my friends are gay and I am the only straight girl in the group after a fall-out with the others a few months back. We go out all the time and have some really great nights but I feel as though my girls don't have a whole lot of consideration for me at times.
I broke up with my boyfriend about 5 months ago and am finally getting over him and ready to mingle with new guys. The problem is that we constantly just go to gay bars and clubs. Don't get me wrong, I love it and I understand that I am slightly out numbered but recently I have been dropping hints about venturing to a straight or even mixed bar or club every once in a while but they are paying no heed. How am I supposed to meet new guys? 

Anonymous, 24, Manchester


Hi darling,
I'm sure this is hard for you and you definitely must feel a little fed up. It must be great having such diverse and fun friends but they need to think about you now. Although there is only one of you, that doesn't mean they should ignore the fact that you might like a change of scenery doll!
Think about it like this. If you were also gay and one of your gay friends was the straight gal, then would you be considerate enough to offer changing things up? If not, then I think this shows what you need to do. You need to stress the fact more. If you answered yes, then you maybe need to have a chat about it with your ladies and kindly explain that you would like to meet new guys.
Just go for it either way! You can't be wasting all that girlish charm when you are in your prime sweetie ;)

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