13 September 2011

Help me Frank!

I literally could not think of anyone to talk to except you. Truth is, I'm far too ashamed about all this to ask my girls. I am 20 and have been with my boyfriend for 1 year in november.
I love him to bits and he is perfect for me. We have loads in common and we get on really well (most of the time).
I know he feels the same because he constantly tells me how much he loves me and spends quite a bit of time with me. Everything was going great, we even booked a late break to Paris for 5 days in October which we are both really looking forward to.
The other night we were in my room at home watching 'Avatar' when my boyfriends phone started to vibrate between us. I reached towards it to hand it to him and happened to glance at the screen where I saw the call was from 'Ruth'.
I had no idea who this was and was confused and a bit curious as we have mutual friends. I pretended I didn't see anything and noticed how he hastily hung up ad threw the phone to the far side of him.

This bothered me a little but I wasn't about to pry just yet.
Then 2 nights ago, He left his phone in my car when I droppped him to footie.
I went through it guiltily and found that this Ruth girl seemed to be more than a friend. She mentioned meeting up again and one text even said something like 'had a fab time with you at yours lastnight ;)'. I was so upset and shocked!
I know most girls would fly off the handle at something like this but I can't seem to bring myself to confront and dump!
Is there a chance I could pretend this never happened and hope for the best? After all, his texts back wern't so flirty and he didn't seem overly interested but I know something happened between them.
I can't figure out what to do. Im in shock!

So hurt- 20, Liverpool

Hey doll, I'm really sorry to hear all that but I am slightly confused by the whole thing!
You cannot pretend nothing has happened sweetheart, that would be insane.
It will play on your conscience 'til you pop with anxiety.
The fact of the matter is that your boyfriend has done something he shouldn't have, and you need to have the respect for yourself to confront him about it.
I'm not sure if you are having an issue confronting him as you feel you invaded his privacy, but if so, this is not a valid excuse!
You shouldn't feel the need to look at his mobile in the first place, therefore he gave you reason seeing as he refused to answer the call the other night from this unknown lady.
You seem to feel intensely about this guy but maybe you need to step outside the flame and have a look as an outsider.
Is he really worth it? Lots of gals get into comfortable routines with guys and can't see the light due to being so wrapped up in them.
Remove yourself and picture inserting yourself in a different place. How bad could it be? Change can be very exciting!
I think you need some time to yourself honey, you can only love someone fully if you love yourself and I really don't think you love yourself seeing as you want to pretend this didn't happen.
You need to either confront him or veer away slowly. I would recommend confronting him about it to see what he says. After all, you may as well have a laugh on his behalf when you see his worried face hon!

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  1. This girl sounds like a proper homewrecker. Well thats if she knows about you. But its not about her is it, it's about your bofriend, the one who is meant to be completely loyal to you! Grow a backbone and confront him already! I would...